16 June 2009

Going to Chicago

I am so excited.

Tomorrow, Pete and I leave for Chicago. We're hanging out at my aunt's house, playing with their doggies, going to free days at museums, going to concerts, eating good food, planning the wedding, and going to IKEA.

Is it bad that I am especially excited about IKEA? If St. Louis had an IKEA I would probably be there all the time. Or ask to work there. Or maybe both.

Anyways. I hope to hook up to their wireless internet connection (I kind of have to for my silly history class) but if I cannot, I might just sit around and read the seven books I'm bringing with me and play my new computer game (I feel like a seven-year-old again...I was at Best Buy with Megan yesterday and saw the game and just had to get it)...

If anyone knows of anything awesome/exciting happening in Chicago in the next two weeks, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Chicago is my all time favorite city in the us even above ny

paula said...


Also the Taste of Chicago. But mostly me.