21 October 2009

Chick Flicks

Okay, ladies - let's hear them.

I want to know your favorite chick flicks. I want you to comment in the comment section and tell me what they are, because next week, I will be without Pete. He's going on a retreat and he's super stoked about it, which is great. However, it's going to be weird not seeing him everyday. So he suggested that I put a bunch of movies I want on Netflix, and am doing so now.

So, because I want YOUR recommendations, I'll exchange you - here are my favorite chick flicks. Also, these are in NO particular order. I don't discriminate about chick flicks.

1. Serendipity
2. Pretty in Pink
3. Sleepless in Seattle
4. When Harry Met Sally
5. 13 Going on 30
6. Roman Holiday
7. Ever After
8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
9. Now and Then
10. Love Actually

Okay, now tell me yours!


missy. said...

a lot like love
love happens
moulin rouge
the sweetest thing
the holiday
the proposal
my best friends wedding
runaway bride
pretty woman
13 going on 30
catch and release
wicker park [probably one of my all time favorites]
my fair lady
50 first dates
the sisterhood of the traveling pants [i cry in this movie!]
ps i love you
the notebook [duh.. it's a classic!]
the wedding date
the wedding planner
the first wives club
failure to launch
in her shoes
sex in the city
mama mia
mean girls

ok i think that's a long enough list.. haha :] hope you have fun enjoying new movies.. tell us which one were your favorites so we can indulge as well! much love darling.

Bridgett said...

mystic pizza
babette's feast (but it's in danish...more art housey I guess)
sliding doors
the truth about cats and dogs
miss congeniality (ok, I've failed the genre somehow...)

Marisa said...

*ditto* to missy's list...

except i would add
pride & prejudice
becoming jane
notting hill

ps love your list too

Micaela said...

awww all the good ones are said.


becoming jane-- YES!!! a must. Marisa, agree to that one.

Jersey Girl- and not the one with ben affleck. i love it.

Karen said...

Love Actually is definitely at the top! And 13 Going On 30. I'd add Bridget Jones Diary (only the first one), 16 Candles, Father of the Bride, and Dirty Dancing. Oh and You've Got Mail which is my fave of the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks dynasty.

Me Sme and I said...

Im not a very chick-flick sort of girl but theese are mine. (dont know if some count)

Bring it on
16 candles
10 things i hate about you
Save the last dance
Breakfast Club
Stand by Me