13 October 2009

Kate Spade

So yummy.

[black eiffel]


[black eiffel]

I love the stripes. I want to do that to my whole apartment. But for some reason, I feel like the landlord wouldn't love it... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the stripes come out onto the sidewalk! How awesome is that?!

And speaking of Kate Spade - I think I may get a pair of her shoes for my wedding shoes. Like I've mentioned before, I want a short wedding dress (also, thank you all for your input and advice on this post!!!), so shoes are vital. As in - they will actually be seen. So they gotta be cute.

And while I am miserable at walking in heels, I would totally make an effort to practice walking. With them on.

Anyway - here are some of my favorite Kate Spade shoes, as of now. PS: If you see something you like, there's a coupon on her site for 20% off any full-priced item in her store, until sometime in January! Yay!

Harper -$275 (at 20% off = $220)

Carly - $375 (at 20% off = $300)

Guest - $325 (at 20% off = $260)

Genny - $325 (at 20% off = $260)


missy. said...

mm i must say i LOVE the guest ones. beautiful!!

Karen said...

The sequined ones are sooo pretty. Kate Spade is the best! I love the whole vibe of her line. And her personal story is cool too. Wouldn't it be great if every retail store looked like hers??!

mh said...

Very pretty -- but very dangerous looking! :)