21 October 2009

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Movie Moments

This one is hard.

1. Almost Famous - when Russell shows up at William's house for an interview.
2. Amelie - when the guy (I forget his name) shows up at Amelie's place
3. Ever After - when Leonardo da Vinci gives Drew Barrymore those gorgeous gauzy wings
4. Garden State - the yelling scene.
5. Mary Poppins - when Mary Poppins sings "Stay Awake"
6. Dead Poets Society - all of it, but especially the scene where Robin Williams is pushing Ethan Hawke's character to create a story in front of the class
7. I Heart Huckabees - the scene where Jason Schwartzman sees Jude Law in his photograph and it all comes together
8. Life Aquatic - when they are all in the submarine at the end of the movie. Also, the end of the movie.
9. Roman Holiday - the entire day that Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn are together
10. Lost in Translation - all the time that Scarlett Johanssen spends at the Japanese Buddhist garden

And there are so many more.


Katie said...

This is awesome... but it makes me realize that I haven't seen nearly enough movies (I've only seen 4 of these!). I love the day in Roman Holiday too. Such a classic movie with an amazingly handsome guy. Why aren't there Gregory Pecks today?

Marisa said...

love this list...
"dead poets society"... one of the best movies i have ever seen.

Karen said...

LOVE! Can I just add mine here? (I'm gonna assume you said yes):
1) Love Actually: when the guy shows up on Keira Knightly's doorstep with the signs. Swoon!
2) Elf: when Buddy the Elf confronts the department store Santa. "You don't smell like Santa"
3) Forgetting Sarah Marshall: when Paul Rudd (Kunu) and Peter go surfing. "when life hands you lemons, just say f*ck the lemons and bail"
4) Royal Tennenbaums: when the Baumer confesses he's in love with Gwyneth in the tent.
5) Bridget Jones Diary: Bridget's introduction of Mr. "T!tspervert" Fitzherbert at the book launch.
6) Dirty Dancing: the whole closing night, especially the lift, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" and the two old women who shrug off their fur stoles to DANCE!
7) Clueless: "I'm in love with Josh!"
8) Steel Magnolias: Malynn's breakdown at the funeral
9) Enchanted: the How Will She Know scene in the park
10) 16 Candles: when Jake shows up at the wedding