05 October 2009

Ha. Ha Ha Ha.

This is almost perfect for me and Pete. I say "almost" perfect because come on, my hair NEVER looks that good.

[image from freshly picked]


Micaela said...


it is perfect for you two.

i wish my boyfriend could grow some scruff, but alas... he can't with his job. I love a man with a bit of roughness.

Susan Petersen said...

aww, thanks for the mention, you are really too kind. loving your blog here. good luck on finding your short wedding dress, my wedding dress was short and i loved it!

missy. said...

haha those are AWESOME. I am so glad you found these and posted them. I LOVE the scruff on a guy and both my babes have it :) oh and ps.. I was on the phone with Greek Babe last night when I checked my blog and saw I had six comments from you! Totally made my night and he heard all about the awesomeness which is you! :) Love you lady!