15 May 2009

Megan Catherine Hartrich Ying Lennon Ramsey

Oh, you haven't been properly introduced?

This is Megan's fourth (fifth) grade picture. We were just getting to know each other! My picture from this year is goofy but Megan wins hands-down.

Megan VERY quickly became one of my favoritest, bestest friends ever. We got along perfectly - we just understood each other in such a way that fourth grade girls who are a little weirder than most GET each other...for instance. My birthday is on April 15. For history buffs (or weird people that just know stuff), that is the day the Titanic sank. The Science Center had a huge Titanic exhibit one year...Megan arranged a kidnapping with some other grade school friends, blindfolded me, had me listen to a Walkman with a specially made tape inside (it had a Beatles song on it then it stopped and was Megan talking, telling me I was being kidnapped), and then led me into the Science Center, BLINDFOLDED, into the exhibit. It was scary but AMAZING. I was so touched by her generosity and thoughtfulness and all that sappy stuff.

[and NO, that is not my midriff, I was wearing a lime-green shirt under my very fashionable Dillard's poncho]

Megan currently goes to school in Philadelphia, which is a place I've never been. She's studying film, which is something I enjoy but I don't think I could actually "do". She's really, really good at it, too. She's a hard worker (something I strive to be most of the time, and sometimes fail) and she has ALWAYS forgiven me when I've broken a date, or changed plans last minute, or something else stupid like that. She's always been one of my closest confidantes, about serious things or goofy dumb things. And that's why I love her!

Ying, I just wanted to give you a shout out. I'm sorry I left you out of my summer plans, but when you are here in June (remind me of those dates again?) we will be hanging out all the time, with the exception of my stupid stupid STUPID biology class. SO. Be it know to all that Megan Ramsey is added to my list of summer plans. I will be otherwise unavailable for those days. Also, a short trip to Philadelphia is in the works...I hope. Just got to get my work schedule worked out...

[Us, at 8th grade graduation.]

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