17 February 2009

Is it possible?

Is there really someone out there who has MORE magazines than I do? That stockpiles and stockpiles and STOCKPILES?

I mean, I'm talking about me having THREE (3) bookshelves in my basement - full of magazines. Except this past summer dad made me clean a bunch of them out. Because he said that if there was a fire, well...it's all paper (beautiful, glossy, glorious paper).

But, YES! One more reason for me to be creepily obsessed with Alix...

***Also, I just realized why all my pictures are aligning to the center...PETER!


Elena said...

Yeah, me too. My mom everyday threatens to throw them away. But, I just love them so much, although it's very hard for me to find cool and cheap magazines here in Macedonia.
Btw, I like your blog. I think it's cute :)

Michelle said...

Oh my, so many mags....I too have so many that the hubby always asks me to move them, and I just move them around, but I must keep them all!

laura bee said...

Buying magazines is my number 1vice. But considering what other things people can be addicted too, I figure it's not so bad.