24 February 2009


No, not mine. But I do read wedding blogs from time to time, and I buy Martha Stewart Weddings every time it hits newsstands - which is four times a year, so I'm not wasting GOBS of money or anything. Plus, I mean, it's MARTHA. She's the bomb. I get the rest of her major magazines!

Offbeat Bride is one of my favorites - it's not all the frou-frou crap that comes with many other wedding websites/blogs. Many of the weddings featured are quirky, odd resourceful brides that make their own dresses, centerpieces, invitations, etc. It's really inspirational, tongue-in-cheek and just great.

So today I found this list. It made me chuckle. Some of my favorites:

You know you're an offbeat bride when...

…your engaged friend plans a 5-hour-long mimosa/hair appointment the day of the wedding and you remember not all brides plan to spend their pre-wedding time carting in the alcohol, dishes, glasses, decorations, etc. to the DIY reception site.

…you ask your engaged friend, "What are your centerpieces going to be, and how are you making them?" and she looks at you funny and says the florist is bringing them. Then you remember, oh yeah, centerpieces are traditionally beautiful flower arrangements brought in by florists, not the homemade concoctions made from a combination of dried gourds, vintage buttons, wind-up toys, and mini cast-iron bicycles that you were planning on.

I want colors and I'm taking my future hubby's last name and all, but as much crap that goes into the wedding as possible will be HANDMADE. Come on, I'm going to be a high school English teacher. I certainly won't be made of money. So that is especially why I love OBB.

images: i have no clue where they came from. if they belong to you, or you know the source, please let me know! i saved all these in a folder and didn't attach rights/names to them!

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Laura said...

I am so right there with you...damn near everything in my wedding is going to be handmade.