23 February 2009

Oscars Round I

I LOVE award shows. So I really, really enjoyed the Academy Awards last night.

There were lots of wonderful parts, but some of my favorites included...

+ Tina Fey and Steve Martin's little screenplay skit. Wish there was a video...

+ The Best Documentary category win - YES! - goes to Man on Wire, which was absolutely amazing. Phillipe Petit, the man that the film is about, ran down from the balcony (?) and jumped on stage, doing a coin trick and balancing the Oscar on his chin. It was delightful.

+ Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech, for writing the screenplay for Milk

+ Natalie Portman's pink dress

+ The adorable video of Ryan Seacrest interviewing the cute little kids from Slumdog Millionaire.

+ Robert Downey Jr's infectious smile (I swear, everything he touches these days turns to gold)

+ Sarah Jessica Parker's gorgeous dress (and funny hubby)

+ Dev Patel. He is ADORABLE.

And I was super excited that Sean Penn won best actor. I know that pretty much everyone else (well, the general population) had been thinking that Mickey Rourke was taking that award home...but I've seen both Milk and The Wrestler and Sean Penn completely delved into his role. It seemed like Mickey Rourke was kind of just acting out his own life - sad, depressed man with no one in his life. That's kind of how he was for awhile, right?

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Kat said...

i love dev patel.