17 February 2009

Rare Bird Finds

Lately I've kind of been wanting everything from Rare Bird Finds.

Oh well. I have no money but it's fun to bookmark and remember...when I'm making less than $30,000...my whole life...as a teacher.

Oh well!

Food face plates! I think I would have too much fun with these...but they are not available until April, so that's why they aren't for sale yet!

Microbes - I first saw these at Star Clipper and have been wanting to give my friends chlamydia, the black death, a sore throat, and bed bugs ever since! And while that may sound disgusting, the little plushies are pretty gosh darn cute...

Also, did you like Pete's post? I hope so. He got really excited when the idea to "guest-blog" popped into his head. I think he thinks we're a high-tech couple...or something.

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