27 February 2009

I think I found a dress.

I'm pretty jazzed. As I explained to two peers in my Shakespeare class - "I've spent the last three classes looking for a dress online. And I think I FOUND one!" Each class lasts two and a half hours. So that's saying something.

[from here]

PS: The dress is for Steve and Mary's wedding...which is two weeks from today!


Laura said...

Yay Steve & Mary!
PS lovely dress!

Bridgett said...

So...you were looking for the dress during class??

Kaylen said...

In regards to Bridgett....

yessssssssssss. And I would say that I am ashamed...but the teacher just doesn't make things interesting, so...I'm kind of not.

Mary Helen said...

I love the colors!
Too bad your teacher doesn't make things interesting -- things to note when you're the teacher! You'll do great! And I guess that teachers who do it the "wrong" way also teach you -- how NOT to do it!