27 April 2009

Book Review: French Milk

Okay. So this book really made me want to go to Paris. Remember?

This book is AMAZING. The drawings are fabulous, the photographs are unreal, and the story itself is so dreamy.

Lucy gets to spend six weeks living in Paris with her mom. They rent a small apartment (with some freaky stuff) and visit all the major landmarks - the Eiffel Tower, le Arc de Triomphe, the Red Light District (I think?), the Moulin Rouge, and tons and tons of flea markets. Absolutely amazing.

I was so into it, I made Pete read it (it's a pretty quick read...I buzzed right through it three times before I returned it to the library). He thought it was great too, but that I would be very similar to the way that Lucy was, which was super happy to be in Paris, but cranky all the same - away from the boyfriend, sometimes annoyed by mom, missing America, etc...so maybe it just spoke to me too much.

Anyways. I've realized that I'm not really very good at writing book reviews on here. However, I'll keep telling ya'll what my favorite books are. French Milk? Definitely one of them.

Here are some pictures I took while reading.

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