26 April 2009

Moving home for the last time...

That was weird to type. I'm moving home, for the LAST TIME...ah! I've gotten used to the whole moving around thing - I've lived in the same house my whole life, so the first move to college freshman year was eye-opening to me. You have to pack stuff up? And move it two miles, and then UNPACK it? Oh, and add finding all the old, gross, dusty rubbermaid containers that are underneath the stairs in the basement, cleaning them out, being brave enough to pack a bunch of clothes into them, and my other prized possessions (READ: stuffed animals), labeling them, AND unpacking them in a small, 11 x 14 room? Hell, basically.

Anyways. Then came the move that occurred when I moved from Gries to the Village, and at the end of the summer, back to Gries again (I worked on campus for a summer). That was a pain. That was getting my family to carry my crap halfway down campus. My floor lamp. My rubbermaid containers full of body wash and toothpaste and shampoo.

Moving home last summer was easy, because there was so much SPACE. A small room, compared to a huge, three-story house, is so small! It was nice to just spread all my junk all over the place, without fear of it getting in anyone's way.

And now. A move from Marchetti to home, and then to an undisclosed location...for a year? Maybe more than that? God, I can't wait to have a HOUSE. And stay put for awhile. All that moving around makes me tired.

Although I do LOVE unwrapping all my little things. I'm very meticulous about wrapping anything that is remotely breakable in newspaper. For example, every bottle of perfume I have has already been wrapped up. My caterpillars that are each missing an eye, which are made of plastic, have been wrapped up. My buddha collection is safely wrapped, my candy and cake dishes, and lots of picture frames. I'm a little anal about it, but oh well.

So. I've slowly been taking things home, since I go there a couple times a week. Our apartment is beginning to look naked. I've taken down a couple of posters from the walls, and half of my book collection is back home. It's so weird.

A couple of things I have to do before I go home for good:

Continue ripping out magazine pages. When I took this picture, I had all these magazines to go through and catalogue. I got rid of a couple while at work one day, but I still have most of them to read/rip.

I catalog my magazines like this, with huge binders that say that topic on the side, and then I get a bunch of paper protectors and slide the pages in. It's awesome. It's also undergoing a huge re-do in the four days between me finishing SLU...and me starting summer school.

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sonrie said...

i'm not nearly as organized as you -- i rip out magazines and then paste them into scrapbooks. it's more of a mixture of everything. And, I hate moving too. When I move this summer, it will be for the last time (at least for many years). I plan to get rid of many things. Would you like some yarn?