01 April 2009

Music From Movies

What, you're not all playing along yet? Check it out here.

This is a tough one for me. I really remember a lot of movies by the songs that are in them, so...here are some of my faves.

1. The Way I Feel Inside - The Zombies - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

2. Any soundtrack music from Amelie - all composed by Yann Tiersan

3. "This Time Tomorrow" - the Kinks - The Darjeeling Limited (the song is towards the end of the video. Hold out for it; it's amazing)

4. "Such Great Heights" - Iron & Wine - Garden State

5. "All I Want is You" - Barry Louis Polisar - Juno

6. "As Time Goes By" - Dooley Wilson - Casablanca

7. "If You Rescue Me" - Gael Garcia Bernal, Sacha Bourdo, Alain Chabat, Aurelia Petit - The Science of Sleep

8. "Belleville Rendezvous" - The Triplets of Belleville

9. "Hey Sandy" - Polaris - The Adventures of Pete & Pete (I know this isn't a movie, but I love this song so much)

10. "The Second Star to the Right" - Peter Pan

What are YOUR favorite songs from movies/TV shows?


You are my fave... said...

Both Juno and Garden State have awesome soudtracks.

kristine said...

Love the Pete & Pete theme song! Nice work!