05 May 2009

Busy Bee!

It's finals week. Things are kind of busy. Tonight is my Shakespeare exam. Quote identification + essays. It's going to be HARD.

So. Summer is a WEEK away. In exactly one week, I'll be two hours away from taking my last exam. I am SO excited about summer, except...a week after I finish my last exam at SLU, it's on to Forest Park Community College for American History and biology. Biology = three week accelerated course, in class every day from 11 - 3:45 (with a 20 minute break for lunch). Yeah, that's going to be rough, too. I hope I have a good lab partner. I haven't taken a science class since high school. Ugh. Science is SO not my thing.

However, if all science books were like this one, up there, by Charley Harper? Things would be a lot better.


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sonrie said...

i read this book at the public library -- it's reference. what a great book!