15 December 2009

Bensimon Shoes

I kind of fell in love with Bensimon shoes when Joanna wrote about them a couple of months ago...and since I'm a member of Gilt Groupe and they were way on sale for only $35...I totally bought myself a pair. In purple!

Merry Christmas to me!

Today - a series of posts of things that I have bought for myself. Because I didn't ask for them for Christmas. And...I already bought all of my Christmas presents, so...I got paid yesterday and I have a ton of money in my account.

And I can't just let a ton of money sit around, now can I?

Also, if anyone wants an invitation to Gilt Groupe or Ideeli, leave a comment or shoot me an email at kaylen.hoffman@gmail.com !!! I was reluctant signing up (it doesn't cost any money...but do I really need to see all of these wonderful things on sale?), but I am SO glad I did. I've only bought a couple of things from there, but I love the service and obviously the super-low prices.

[image from here]

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