15 December 2009

Merry Christmas to Me: The Hangover

Okay, okay - I like to consider myself a somewhat sophisticated person (haha, I guess...but who am I kidding?).

But The Hangover? It is delightfully disturbingly disgustingly AWESOME.

Pete and I saw it over the summer and laughed SO hard. I honestly don't think I had laughed that hard since I saw Superbad. Or Knocked Up. Movies from that genre make me laugh like that.

Anyways. It comes out on DVD today, and we have it on Pete's Netflix queue...but it says "very long wait" and really, I don't want to wait.

I want to watch it right now.

So I'm going to run to Borders after work, because I have a coupon for 30% off. It's going to be sweeeeet.

And really, I think that will be the end of Merry Christmas to Me. It should be, at least...


Karen said...

100% agree -- it's so darn funny. When Zach talked about the wolfpack, I was crying with laughter. It's on my (real) Christmas list, can't wait -- you're lucky it's on your "Mery Christmas to Me" list and can get instant gratification :)

Micaela said...

I LOVED IT!!!!! laughed the entire time. :)