25 December 2009

A Christmas-y Adventure

We were about 20 miles outside of St. Louis, near a town/suburb called Arnold. We had just gotten some drive-thru Taco Bell and we were both feeling pretty good - singing songs and bopping around. All of a sudden, a white pick-up truck drove past us and I saw what I thought were sparks flying. I figured that our cars had collided and sparks were coming out because of the car-on-car contact. But no. The passenger seat window (where I was sitting) had completely shattered. Pete and I both looked at each other but neither of us said anything, until the rest of the window (what was left, at least) fell into the car on my lap and at my feet.

Luckily, neither of us were hurt. So we pulled off at the next exit, which had a Lowe's, and Pete ran in to get some duct tape and plastic wrap or a tarp or something. Oh - I forgot to mention. It had been raining all day - hard - and so the entire car was wet. I tried to get out of the car and all the glass that had shattered between my legs dug into my thighs and made it REALLY hard to get up. But I was fine.

Anyway. Pete and I wrestled with some window insulation plastic wrap and the duct tape to see what we could do. The answer = nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The tape didn't stick and the plastic wrap didn't stick much, either - because when we unwrapped it from the box outside, it got wet. And then when one of us was in the car and the other was outside the car, everywhere was wet. Because it was raining and we had no window in one of the cars.

So, I ended up holding the plastic wrap up to where the window was as Pete drove home as fast as he could without getting pulled over. It was SO LOUD. Like being in a helicopter.

Also I should mention by this point, we had thrown away the taco bell because I saw some glass shards in the taco I had been eating. And when I wiped rainwater from my forehead because it was dripping through my hair, I found glass. So that was great.

We ended up driving Pete's car back to my parents house, putting it in the garage, so it could stay dry. Then we picked up my car, jumped in, and barely made it to Cairo in time for church.

So. It was a big adventure of the day. Not to mention that before the car incident happened, we opened presents first thing in the morning at my parents house with them and my sister, and then last night, we opened presents and had supper with Pete and his twin brother, Steve, and his wife, Mary...so it was a long day.

We're not entirely sure what happened. Apparently car windows are made to shatter if something hits them at high speed. It could have been something like a nail or little stone, even - that hit it in the middle and just caused it to shatter. Our guess is something flew out of the damn white pick-up truck and just smacked into it.

Ugh. But other than THAT, Christmas has been great...

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