03 December 2009


So I haven't yet explained my deep-seated love for Glee. A lot of people like it, I know. And chances are, you've at least heard of it, if not watched it a couple times.

I have really enjoyed a lot of the episodes - and I'm about to watch the one from last night here in a few minutes - but WOW, the episode that aired on November 25th...just blew me away. There were lots of good parts, and really, the parts when they all break spontaneously into song kind of bother me. But last week, the group sang "Imagine" with the glee club from a school for the deaf.

I. Lost. It.

Unfortunately, I don't have a video of the actual performance. It's much better to listen to and see at the same time. But I have a plan.

Please. Watch it. It's just...stupendous. It really, really is.

Once you get HERE, click on the "Hairography" episode. Then, after the initial advertisement loads and plays, click ahead to 30:20 (30 minutes and 20 seconds). And have a box of tissues handy. It really, really moved me. More than this show usually does.

Seriously. Please do. I wish I could post it here so you could just press play right now and watch, but this video doesn't exist. FOX took them all down.

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Me Sme and I said...

I love Glee!! It has just started airing in the Uk. Although i think it is predictable i still loves it. Glee. x