06 December 2009

I Will.

I will never remember where I parked my car in a big parking lot.

I will always love Christmas trees.

I will never enjoy hearing Rachel Ray's voice - although she does create some good recipes.

I will always want to go to Paris. Even after I go for the first time, I'll want to go back. I just know it.

I will never forget the one time I cheated on a test in 7th grade. I haven't since.

I will always laugh at Pete when he dances all gangsta-like.

I will never win at Snood. But I've come to terms with that.

I will always go into Target and walk out with something I hadn't planned on purchasing.

I will never not put sunscreen on at the beach again (one too many sunburns...)

I will always wished I had gotten a short wedding dress.

I will never have a plain, boring, white-walled house/apartment/dwelling.

I will always strive to be creative.

I will never fall out-of-love with The Office.

I will always want something else.

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