01 December 2009

want want want

Pete pointed out to me the other day, that I am always saying "I want". I mean, he's mentioned this to me before, countless times. And I do try to censor myself. He doesn't need to hear anymore that I want a dog and that I want our wedding day to be here and that I want a new couch, etc.

However, I realized that most of the things I say that I want are 110% unfeasible right now. And that's the beauty of it.

1. I want to play with a giraffe.

2. I want to make every project in my DIY binder.

3. I want to write the best novel that someone has ever read. Just one somebody. As long as they're honest.

4. I want to combat the there/their/they're confusion for forever.

5. I want to outfit my entire house in flea market finds.

6. I want to have lunch with Tim Gunn.

7. I want to have a pet dolphin.

8. I want to be five again.

9. I want to stay up all night, harboring inspiration and creating.

10. I want to eat cotton candy on a stick.


Meredith Hoog said...

Playing with a giraffe is more fun than you can ever imagine. They eat right out of your hand, lick your face, and try to headbutt you at inappropriate moments. But it is so fun!

Karen said...

I'm 100% with you on the there/their/they're confusion and Tim Gunn. Perhaps we could have a lunch with Tim Gunn to discuss a grammar campaign? Brainstorming...

Shalum said...

it would be fun to be 5 again. and want a dolphin :)