10 December 2009

Utterly Engaged

It's a really, really pretty online wedding magazine. I follow them on twitter, or else I would forget about it. Which is why I forget about EVERYTHING online. Seriously - if you don't have twitter and you don't update it...well, this blog post isn't about that.

Anyways. I love this shot, from issue number six of Utterly Engaged. After we leave the church on our wedding day, I wanted to have people through those fun crafty pom-poms at us. But confetti may be a better choice...

And speaking of weddings - seven months from today!

And no, I have nothing else accomplished from last month. Sad, I know. I am, however, about to start working on save-the-dates. Using the gocco. God help me.

1 comment:

sonrie said...

much to look forward to in the coming months!