02 December 2009

Christmas Decorations

I should really be spreading these posts out, but when I was going through my photo albums for the snow post, I saw all these fun pictures of my floor decorating 7G when I was an RA.

When I was an RA, I worked in a 16-story, co-ed building. I loved my girls - they are so great. I keep in contact with a lot of them still, and I am also happy to report that many of them still live together with their original roommates that were randomly assigned. Great bunch of ladies.

So we decided to go all out. We got ornaments and Christmas lights and cheesy decorations. And we all spent our own money/used our own resources to do so. It was so much fun. We were probably outside in the hall for a good four or five hours decorating. God, talking about it makes me miss my floor. But not my teeny tiny single room or having to walk up seven flights of stairs multiple times a day. Or being called at 3:30 in the morning because some idiot got too drunk and threw up all over the place. Oh, the best story, though, was when these dumb boys on the fourth floor pulled a water fountain off of the wall and threw it out a window. That was great. And who was on call that night? I WAS.

Okay. ANYWAYS - back to the warm and fuzzy feelings...

Joanna, our resident artist (seriously, she's studying art).

Many of our supplies all laid out, ready to go. See my laptop in the foreground? We totally used ideas from Martha Stewart and Real Simple. I'm kind of an old lady.

Stringing ornaments to hang from our ceiling! This wasn't the best idea. Drunk fools would come down the floor and pull them down and break them. By the end of the Christmas season, we only had a few left.

Leah made us a fake Christmas tree. We couldn't have a real (or even fake) on, because it took up too much space and created a fire hazard. Sad, but she did good.

Coming together!

Sigh. So pretty. We even wrapped "presents"! Surprisingly, they were there until we shut down for Christmas.

And obviously we couldn't have a fireplace, so we made one out of paper. The stockings are all 32 of our names!

Our Frosty, with some "snow".

We had floor t-shirts made up. Joanna, who I mentioned previously, drew up a design of a cupcake, which we printed on shirts. We decided to use a cupcake because they're my favorite and I totally got those girls into cupcakes, too. So here we are posing with our shirts around the fire. This obviously isn't all of the girls. A lot of them had already worn their shirts and they were dirty and others simply weren't on the floor at the time. Sad.

My girls called me "Big Momma", so Pete was called "Big Daddy". He got a shirt, too - but I was nice enough to get it for him in red. I'm pretty sure he hasn't worn that shirt since this picture was taken...

A final family shot in front of the tree with some presents. They were singing.


Marisa said...

this is so great... i love all the ideas you used. Charming

Bridgett said...

OMG when Mike was an RA ("CDA" back then) on 4th floor Marguerite, we were known as Mom and Dad. Hee hee!