25 March 2010

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 13

a song that is a guilty pleasure...

Since it's fresh in my mind (and Pete's) - "I'mma Be" by The Black Eyed Peas.

I love it.

So I told Pete that he should listen to it. And he did - and he pulled up the lyrics to the song, too. And then made fun of me for the next couple of hours and said, "this isn't music!"

Pete is kind of a snot when it comes to music. Oh wait, I mean hipster.

Anyways. It's a guilty pleasure song. I still really like it, even if it "isn't music."

After all, he likes The Pogues.

1 comment:

Harkins said...

You don't consider Fairytale of New York one of the greatest Christmas songs ever??? Shameful.
I tend to think the Black Eyed Peas are fun and catchy, but not Imma Be. That song is just bad.