14 March 2010

Two New Craft Projects

I miss spring break.

It was so awesome. I slept in until like 9:30 every morning, and then woke up, ate breakfast, and crafted or watched Seinfeld or ran errands or planned my garden.

I worked on a few different craft projects, and I completed two of them.

One was a coat rack, which I originally posted about here. I saw this on design*sponge, and fell in love immediately. AND, I even had the same Snow & Graham paper used in the tutorial! Perfect.

I changed some of the things - I didn't have any spray fixative, so I just used Mod Podge. And instead of hunting for vintage and mismatched hooks, I just bought five new ones from Home Depot. And I didn't have a drill, but Pete found a rotary tool in a box of tools that his uncle had given him, so I drilled some shallow holes and then screwed those screws in by hand.

this is how it looks on the back

i folded the paper on the corners down like a present

finished product!

The second project I worked on was a table that I had inherited from me and Pete's friends, Emma and Kyle. We helped them move a month or two ago, and they had a list of furniture they didn't want anymore. And this table was one of them. It's a perfect size for my apartment and currently lives in the teeny-tiny entry hall. I sanded, primed, and painted it last week. I love the bright pop of color, even though the pictures don't really show that it's very bright...

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