25 March 2010

Mom's Birthday

My mom turned 53 a few days ago (she probably doesn't want the world to know that; oh well) and to celebrate, mom, dad, Pete and I went to the Terrace View cafe, which overlooks City Garden in downtown St. Louis.

City Garden is gorgeous - it's fun to walk around and play in the water (if it's warm enough, which it wasn't on March 19th). But I still took some pictures of all of us playing.

Oh, and Terrace View wasn't that great. Overpriced. And our waitress was kind of...garish.

me and my parents (blurry, I know...)

pete and dad by one of the big sculptures

sitting on the bunny

leaving the bunny

I love City Garden. Can't wait until it gets nicer out (aka summer) so I can play there, like this:

[i have no clue what's happening here with my arms...]

1 comment:

Micaela said...

what great pictures!!!!

i hope your mom had a MOST WONDERFUL birthday!!! xoxo