20 March 2010

April! April! April!

I am so, so, SO excited for April. It's going to be busy but there are SO MANY THINGS that I am looking forward to. Here's a looksie at my calendar for the month:

April 1-2 Pete and I will be heading to Chicago (to celebrate Easter with my family) a little early so we can spend some time in the city
April 3 - Bridal shower #1! Peluso-Hoffman family. I'm so excited to catch up with the gals in the family
April 7 - Jen Chapin is having another concert at my parents' house. Yes, Jen Chapin is related to Harry Chapin (she's his daughter). She was in town last September? November? Something like that, and it was so much fun
April 10 - Rosemary and I are going to spend ALL DAY thrifting in Belleville. When I went to her adorable house a week or so ago, she had all these pretty things. When I found out that she had gotten a lot of those lovely things whilst thrifting, we set up a date to do so
April 11 - MS Volunteer walk in St. Louis. I'm excited to spend a whole day volunteering, for one thing, but I'm also excited that Pete and I will be getting Disneyland tickets out of it!
April 15 - my 22nd birthday! Can't believe I'll be 22. Also on this day, Pete and my parents and I will be having a tasting at Windows on Washington, our reception place venue for the wedding.
April 18 - engagement pictures! I have some dresses and cute flats. I'm ready.
April 21 - Pete and I have decided (and were admitted, after being on the waitlist for two months) that we are going to partake in Fair Shares this season! It's a CSA. Lots of food every week. Can't wait to be eating locally, organically, and healthy
April 24 - seeing Sea Wolf and The Album Leaf at the Luminary Arts Center. Both great bands, and a great venue

So. That's pretty much what I have so far. See, I have reasons to be excited. Oh, and besides all of the above, I'll be in the process of looking even harder for a job, being only three months away from a wedding, and waiting for my pending graduation (May 15). Once May starts, I only have one day of school, then two exams, then a whole WEEK off before my graduation! I'm looking forward to that week off. Hopefully it'll be one last hurrah before "real life" starts.

Also. Pete and I made a peg-board for the kitchen today. Pictures to come tomorrow. Since we had borrowed our friend Kyle's drill, we also put up the coat-rack I made, and a towel bar in the bathroom. Pictures of those things will be tomorrow, too! And my vegetable garden seeds are sprouting! It's just such a special time!

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Me Sme and I said...

What a busy month! Good luck hunting for a job, its sucky and hard work. Im routing for you.