14 March 2010

Macarons Round II

Okay, okay - so I tried a different recipe this time (Bakerella's, as a matter of fact), and they turned out SO. MUCH. BETTER.

They were delicious. Pete ate, like, all of them.

Here are some pictures. They weren't all the same size so some of them looked a little lopsided when put together, but I still think they're pretty gorgeous. And please excuse the quality of the pictures. I still haven't 100% figured out the macro function on my new camera, which seems like it should be easy but the button never works! Ugh.

I (obviously) didn't use food coloring, and this time I just decided to buy slivered almonds and grind them myself, which worked out super well. And as a filling, instead of making anything, I just slathered raspberry jam in between the two cookies. Delicious!

I'm really excited to experiment with more flavors and colors and different fillings.


sonrie said...

they look really tasty!

Karen said...

Glad this one worked out better! They've got quite a sheen, very impressive.