04 January 2010

0102 Things to do in 2010

See what I did there? The whole reversal of numbers?

Please, fellow bloggers. Keep me honest. I just completed this list and re-wrote the introduction. I WANT to do all of these things (some much more than others), but yes. I am planning to blog about them as they happen.

Also this was inspired by Rosemary.

1. Graduate from college (May 15, 2010)
2. Find a job
3. Get married
4. Go on an amazing honeymoon
5. See the sunrise or sunset at the Grand Canyon
6. Gamble in a Las Vegas casino
7. Drive up Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco
8. Visit Disneyland
9. Drink my own Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista
10. Stop at any bizarre road-side tourist attractions we see
11. Get to the beach. It's been too long.
12. Rent bikes somewhere and ride them around and stuff.
13. Have a giveaway on the blog (whee aren't you all excited?!? Sooner than later, I think.)
14. Paint the apartment
15. Adopt a dog (Pete says we can get one when summer starts. Which for me, is May 15...)
16. Buy a new couch (broken)
17. Buy a new bed (the bed frame/headboard part. The mattress is fine)
18. Lose 30 pounds (Hopefully some by the wedding? God, I hope so...)
19. Get a doctor.
20. Finish writing one of the four novels I have started right now.
21. Stay up to date on my magazine cataloging.
22. Keep a tidier, more organized apartment
23. Make a ton of crafts (watch the blog for developments on this)
24. Have a tea party. Complete with ridiculous hats.
25. Buy an original piece of art.
26. Update the logistics of the blog (it's been a long time coming but it WILL happen in 2010)
27. Join a book club (or create one, perhaps? Anyone game for this?)
28. Write more letters
29. Spend a weekend in a B & B somewhere pretty
30. Get fresh flowers for the house once a month (at least)
31. Go on runs with that dog we're apparently going to get
32. Make dinner for friends and family more often
33. Have an Arrested Development party
34. Spend an entire day in the Central Library, taking photographs and reading whatever I want
35. Learn how to drive stick-shift
36. Learn how to use the darkroom in my house
37. Take a class for fun (sewing, cooking, knitting, baking, SOMETHING)
38. Try tennis again once it gets warmer outside
39. Get a credit card
40. And never be in debt, once said credit card is received.
41. Go skinny dipping (after I lose those 30 pounds, duh)
42. I have had this book since the day after I saw the most amazing, inspiring play of my life. I want to finally read it.
43. Ride an exotic animal (camel, elephant...something weird)
44. Put my arms around an enormous redwood tree (Muir Woods)
45. Have a portrait painted/drawn of Pete and I (we've already decided that this will be our wedding gift to each other)
46. Start a garden
47. Make gnocchi from scratch (it's delicious and I've heard it's difficult)
48. Stay home on Valentine's Day this year and cook an amazing meal and watch Disney movies
49. Create a craft night get together once a month (at least)
50. Ask for help.
51. Open an Etsy shop this year (I am so ridiculously excited about this it's not even funny)
52. Take a glass-blowing or letterpress class
53. Get all the "good art" in the apartment framed
54. Have a boudoir shoot (oh la la)
55. Be comfortable enough in my own skin to go swimming with the kids from Wilson. Some of them are such brats. I need to not let it get to me...
56. Get completely off Paxil.
57. Start commenting more on all the blogs I read. I'm horrible at that.
58. Buy flowers for my parents on my birthday and my wedding day
59. Send a message in a bottle (Pacific Ocean)
60. Throw those rocks into the ocean (a story for another time, perhaps)
61. ...go skydiving...? This could be real or in a factory, you know, those skydiving blow-y things. I'm terrified that I just put this on here.
62. Read all the Babysitters Club Little Sister books in one day. Eat little kid food and take breaks to call childhood friends.
63. Write fan letters to 12 people - one per month.
64. Go to a blues or jazz bar in Chicago
65. See Chuck Berry in concert
66. Suck it up and go on a rollercoaster.
67. Take a candle-lit bath.
68. Sew something for real and wear it.
69. Learn how to play chess
70. Learn calligraphy (hey before the wedding would be nice)
71. Embroider another pillow/blanket/something
72. Make a 100 Books To Read list and read 20 of them this year
73. Clean out my apartment and donate, donate, donate
74. Help build a Habitat for Humanity house
75. Give to NPR
76. Buy cloth napkins and use them
78. Create a clothesline when it's warmer out and dry clothes on them
79. Volunteer on an organic farm
80. Participate in NaNoWriMo in November 2010
81. Visit Rodeo Drive in LA and maybe (maybe) buy something. Small.
82. Watch the rest of the movies from AFI's 100 Greatest Films
83. Grow a bonsai tree
84. Revisit SARK and actually take her advice.
85. Start and display a collection of something
86. Talk less, listen more
87. Stay up all night long and watch the sun rise. Preferably somewhere pretty.
88. Have a bed day - read, doze, watch stuff on the computer, doze...eat minimally.
89. Go to a drive-in movie
90. Graffiti something, somewhere.
91. Dance in the rain (I know it sounds cheesy but I've never REALLY done this. It needs to happen.)
92. Get a bikini wax
93. Make cheesy/hilarious Christmas cards for me and Pete's first "official" Christmas together and send them to everyone we know
94. Learn my blood type
95. Get a massage
96. Have something to brag to Swatek about (this will definitely happen in the later part of the year)
97. Really, really surprise Pete. No hints allowed.
98. Finish an entire coloring book
99. Eat a piece of pizza backwards (how have I not thought to do this until NOW?!)
100. Make some delicious baked goods every month and take them with somewhere else - mom's school, Pete's school, fire station, etc.
101. Get a passport (because in 2011, Europe will be seeing some Kaylen Hoffman...oh my gaw I'll be a Wissinger by then. EEEEeeeee!)
102. Go paintballing - with very nice people that won't hurt me too much.

and one big fat MAYBE
103. Try surfing. We're only going to be in LA for a short period of time but I would LOVE to take a surfing lesson. I've wanted to learn since freshman year of high school.

Like I said. Keep me honest. Please.


Bridgett said...

My keeping you honest tips and comments:

7. Andrew Molera State Beach. Do it.
9. Drink one for me.
15. Stray Rescue does a fabulous job fostering good dogs.
19. I like mine.
26. Blog updates are fun.
27. You are welcome to join mine but you would be the youngest by about 10 years....but sometimes that's good, too!
29. Rock Eddy Bluff is excellent
35. I can help with that if Pete doesn't...I can't recall if he learned or not
49. I would come.
66. Come on, you haven't been on a roller coaster? Maeve has been on a roller coaster.
68. Indie Tutes
is a great resource for plan-oriented sewing as opposed to pattern-oriented. I find the former much easier than the latter.
80. It is fun. I did it 2 years.
85. I suggest small weird things.
94. If you give blood they'll tell you.
101. Kaylen Wissinger. Ha! What we suffer through for these men.
102. You really only have to do this once. Really.

Daughter of a King said...

yes to the book club. I'll do it from a remote location.

sonrie said...

What a huge and vastly entertaining and comprehensive list! I'll bet you can get lots of those things done this year. :)

27. I’d be up for a book swap (I honestly admit I wouldn’t talk much about books but read them quickly and always like to see new ones.)
34. I will gladly do this with you on a Saturday.
38. I’ll play with you = Sublette Park.
40. Just pay it off every month.
49. Ok!
53. Tell me about it…sigh. Muy expensivo.
57. Me too.
72. Somehow I read 56 books last year.
73. I vow to do this more often than it gets done.
76. Every Meal!
78. Me too!
79. MY BACKYARD!!! (Seriously)
84. I prefer Sabrina Ward Harrison.
95. Totally worth it.
100. Definitely take them somewhere else…like give them to my husband because I don’t know where he puts everything he eats. Seriously.
101. Or Kaylen Hoffman Wissinger. I think I figured there are 6 or 7 complete possibilities for post-wedding name change (with one being no change).

Harkins said...

Chuck Berry is GREAT in concert.

Also, I am now an avid reader of your blog, per your suggestion.

-Nina P.

Kaylen said...

Bridgett -

Really we just need to talk at length but:
-our doggie (Louie) is from stray rescue. they're awesome.
- we do have a darkroom in our house (my that i mean my parents' house). my dad is a photographer and over the years has slowly amassed all the equipment needed. It's really, really cool and I kind of hate myself for not knowing how to do it...

also i have been on a roller coaster, but...well, i'll write a story about that.

nina - yay!!! excited about chuck berry

sonrie/rosemary (which should i call you online? do you have a preference?) - YES to everything you say. i would love to help you garden this spring/summer/fall and go to the library one day and do the book swap and and and...everything

shannon - we'll keep you up to date.