14 May 2009

City Living


Since Pete and I decided we're going to San Francisco, I had to look back in the archives of Jordan's blog to look specifically for things she enjoys in San Francisco. As I've read blogs of people over the last two years, I've bookmarked things I thought were important - crafting ideas, recipes, inspirational images, etc - but I hadn't every paid attention to the San Francisco things. So, I spent some time over the last week or so going through all of her entries.

I found this, which is an excerpt from a column a man named Herb Caen wrote in the 1960s:

"THE CITY, old, familiar, mellow; you feel you know every inch of it; like a face you see every day. As you drive home along Grant Ave. on The Hill, you see the young newlyweds who just moved into the apartment next door, painting the walls in their uncurtained living room, and you feel a twinge of envy. They have a lifetime before them -- a lifetime to fall in love with the wonderful town you've known so long, so long."

Jordan said it made her tear up. It made me tear up, too - this AND Jurassic Bark? I need to stop crying.

**** Driving through North City a few years ago.

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Bridgett said...

1. Exploratorium
2. The Buena Vista (it's really just a Mike and Bridgett thing, but still)
3. If you can swing it, take highway 1 instead of 101 and go to Andrew Molera State Beach. And Pfeiffer Falls. Ah. We stayed in the state park that has Pfeiffer Falls, in a "cabin" that was nicer than most hotel rooms. But not cheap (probably our most expensive night in a two week trip).
4. Come over sometime soon and look at our book I made of our California trip. I love Northern CA. Are you driving or flying? If you drive, well, there are other places you should go on your way there/back. But flying makes sense too.