13 May 2009



Things I Will Do This Summer:

+ get through the rest of that "restaurants-to-visit" list, some of which are:

Okay, okay...apparently that list was lost when my computer got a virus. No big.

Actually, that really makes me angry. I had a LONG list of places to go. I even typed up a handwritten list of places that I had tacked onto the side of my desk, thinking, "well it's less clutter if it's on my computer!" Ugh. Technology is SO frustrating sometimes!

Well. anyways. there are lots of restaurants I want to go to that I have yet to try. That'll be another blog post, after I look them all up...AGAIN.

+ Play tennis. If any St. Louisians know of a great place to play, let me know! I'm thinking Tower Grove Park is my best bet (it's close and I know for a fact you don't have to rent it out or pay) but any other information would be greatly appreciated.
+ See Shakespeare in the Park. Missed this last summer; never got my act together. I WILL go this summer, though. My friend (and old roommate...tear) is working on it so that's cool.
+ Take lots of bike rides. Pete and I were pretty good about this last summer, but I want to take more this summer. Get my bod into shape, you know.
+ Go to a Live on the Levee show? There's a question mark there because they have yet to release the line-up. I'm kind of picky with music and I don't want to fight a crowd of hoosiers if I don't even care for the music.
+ Picnics. I haven't been on a REAL picnic in ages. This needs to be remedied.
+ Spend two weeks in Chicago (yay! I have plans for this trip. It's going to be amazing!)
+ Go to Twilight Tuesdays outside the History Museum. (The MoTown Revue sounds promising...)
+ Watch a movie a day with Pete (this gets a whole post later)
+ See all of these movies (some of these extend past the summer, but you get the idea)
+ Start a bi-weekly/monthly crafting night with some of my lady friends (Rosemary? Laura?)
+ MOVE INTO A NEW APARTMENT!!!!!!!!! Which basically means re-packing all of the things I have just unpacked.)
+ Have a standing weekly date with Elena.
+ Read at least two books a week
+ Learn how to can tomatoes (and other vegetables but specifically tomatoes)
+ Paint stuff (bookshelves and a...thing that Pete's grandma gave him. A cart, I guess? I don't know how to describe it.)
+ Take some kids to the Magic House (Bridgett, I would LOVE to take your girls there one summer day if you want some time off!)
+ Go to Pitchfork 2009!!!
+ Drag the Gocco out and try again (sheepishly)
+ Work on a ton of crafts
+ Have an Arrested Development themed party for a housewarming (apartment warming?) get together
+ Thursdays at MOBOT.
+ Go down to Camp for their 50th anniversary. SO excited to play bows and arrows again.
+ Go camping. I don't know when, where, or with whom - but I'm going. And I'll probably complain at night because I'm wuss but it'll be good.
+ Start yoga. I've wanted to do this for a long time. I REALLY want it to happen this year.

Aaaaand...that's not it but those are some of the things I hope to accomplish.

I'm SURE you thoroughly enjoyed it. AND, if you want to join in and do some of this fun stuff with me, let me know!

***** This picture is from a couple of summers ago in Hilton Head. I love it there. I miss it. I wish I was going back this summer. But I'm not. The picture is of my friend, Katherine.


Bridgett said...

1. You've got the girls ifyou want them for the magic house

2. You are welcome to go camping with us on Father's day weekend, we have an extra tent, even. We're staying Thursday thru Sunday at Onandaga.

3. I can teach you to can.

sonrie said...

a. I've wanted to start yoga, too. I have a book...
b. Ahem, Wednesdays at MOBOT (music, right?)
c. Have a Reno 911 party.
d. Attend monthly (my choice - I'll reply to FB) craft nights.
e. Live on Levee - fo' sho' ... whenever they get around to releasing names and dates.
f. Shakespeare in the Park = check. I've gone 3 years running. Picnic.
g. Did you know I played tennis in h.s.? Some courts I thought of: Sublette Park (near the Hill and S.City Y.); Compton Heights Reservoir; possibly Benton Park (?).
h. Make sure to bike ride in Madison County ILL. There are miles of great trails there.

Bridgett, I know we don't know each other, but can you teach me to can, too? My fiancee and I have a v. large garden at his house (in the city) ... we will be needing to can later this summer.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty certain you missed something...