13 May 2009


It's here! Hooray!

Classes are finished, I can sleep until 11 AM and life is good. Today, my first official day of summer, was fabulous. I woke up around 11, bummed around the house and ate cereal and fruit until 1:30ish, then went into work. My mom made a hair appointment for me for Friday (I have NO idea what will be done, but I needs a cut). I got my new shoes in the mail, along with my fabby personalized pencils. I requested six books on the St. Louis Public Library website (the two Shopaholic books I haven't read, and some Vonnegut - I've NEVER read anything by him! What kind of excuse am I for an English major?!). I found out I have a summer job, come July 6 (once school is over and we're back from Chicago), so yay! Money!

Generally things were great today...except for the allergies. Oh, the allergies. I can NOT stop sneezing. I used half a roll of toilet paper at work. It's sitting here right next to me, patiently awaiting my next sneeze attack.

And a big, huge summer storm is coming. I love summer storms. As long as they don't turn into tornadoes, because then I get scared.

ANYWAYS. So. Not a bad day, despite being sick...

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