13 May 2009

Ze Daily Cinema

Go there, now. And I'm not just saying that because it's my boyfriend that is writing it. I mean, look how cute he is!

Anyways. Pete decided that he wanted to commit himself to watching a movie a day (preferably one he has never seen) over the summer when he's not teaching. I think this is a valiant task. Mostly because I'm the type of person who always says, "Oh, yeah, I want to see that!" and it never happens. There are so many movies on his (our?) queue (oh yes, he started a Netflix account) and he's only had it for two days. I am SO excited about the prospects of watching so many movies...and something tells me that this won't end when the summer is over. Maybe it won't be every DAY, but it will be often. I hope he keeps it up!

Anyways - follow our progress here. So far, we've watched Citizen Kane (I had seen it, but Pete had not), and Say Anything (neither of us had seen it). Next up: The Wrath of Khan (some Star Trek movie), Before Sunrise, and Frost/Nixon. Exciting!

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