30 May 2009


I've loved Etsy ever since I first heard about it. Seriously. I lust after many things there but rarely buy, because a) I don't have money, since oh! I'm in college, and b) I am currently living in a room that is the size of my crappy kitchen from my school apartment. So, there's no room.

But I'm moving this summer. And making a lot of money, come July. So I've been ordering some things recently and then TODAY, via you are my fave, I found THIS ETSY SHOP. And I want all of them. And that will cost approximately $540, not including shipping.

Maybe I can buy one or two a year, or one a month? $20 a month isn't that bad. I can just cut back on the junk I buy. One a month would be good, I think. I would have almost all of them over the period of two years.

Anyways - get a look at these babies:

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

These are So So Dreamy! $20 a month on something that makes you super happy and that you will look at every day forever is Totally reasonable. I say go for it!