02 January 2010

Craft Projects of 2010

One of my resolutions for 2010 is to do a major craft project every month. The big one for January will probably be save-the-dates (which I am FINALLY going to start working on tonight, with Megan), but I need at LEAST 11 more. As if I've exhausted craft ideas. Psh. That could never happen. I have a bookmarks folder with over 200 pages of craft projects, ready for the taking.

Here are some of my favorites.

Coat Rack from design*sponge:

I think this is so pretty. And while we do have a bright yellow coatrack, we need more space to hang stuff up. Related to this project, we found out from our landlord that we can paint walls and stuff! So I want to get rid of the ugly brown paint in every room in our apartment...and then redo the entry way, where I can put in a table and mirrors and posters and, of course, the above project.

Embossing from a $10,000 wedding:

I'm not 100% keen on the stamp she uses, but I want to use embossing for our thank you notes for the wedding. It seems relatively easy and since we already have plans for save-the-dates and invitations...we can use it for those!

Surprise Balls from Oh Happy Day!:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. It would be fun to give these to people on their birthdays. Basically the surprise balls are little sculptures wrapped in crepe paper and little presents (like mini playing cards or a necklace or something) fall out as you unwind the paper. Super cute. Apparently super difficult. Jordan kept saying she was going to post a tutorial but she hasn't yet. There's a great article about it here, and some other tutorials here, here, here, and here.

DIY Vanity by craftzine

You can find more information at casasugar. I've wanted a vanity ever since I moved in here. It would take lots of junk out of our bathroom and I have room in my bedroom for it. So I'm thinking about it. Basically, the woman who did this got a vanity from Craigslist and then affixed a mirror on top of it. Easy peasy!

Lyrics Picture by Miss Jane

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this somewhere, but maybe not. I love how simple and gorgeous this looks. The hard part would be deciding what song to use. I think I already have letter stamps somewhere, but maybe not. Regardless, those are not too expensive. Just get a canvas, some letter stamps, paint - and you're good to go.

As if we need more art in this apartment.

Recycled Necklace by Cakies

I love how casual these look. And I never wear necklaces - or really any jewelry, for that matter. My engagement ring is great because I just slide it on and I have to wear it, really. With necklaces and bracelets I have to think about what looks good with what, but...seriously. Too much trouble. So I like these. And they seem pretty easy to make, too. I have a lot of grey clothes and I think those pastel colors would look good with them.


image one; image two; image three; image four;

I've seen four headboards that I LOVE on the blogosphere this past year. And I need a headboard. So now I have to decide which one I like the most and then DO it.

Okay. So that's seven projects so far. More to come!


sonrie said...

why haven't we had craft night yet?

Karen said...

Wow, ambitious! Love the lyrics poster, want to do something similar with designers and a coco chanel quote. I was thinking of creating a stencil for that one, do you think letter stamps are easier? Probably.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Kaylen said...

S/R - I don't know but we need to pick a date. Emailing you now ;)

Karen - I think stamps would be easier to an extent, but I'm bad at staying in the lines. I would probably have to draw lines first so it would look straight.