18 March 2009

Craft Project: Gocco Round I

Okay. I kind of failed. BUT, since I only bought my gocco for $25, I'm glad to know now that it works. I just have to be careful and pay more attention and go...slowly. When I do something new, I tend to jump in and just do my own thing. That's a no-no.

I took pictures. Documented my progress. Roommate Sarah made fun of me. And ultimately, I FAILED. BUT, I think I know where I messed up. And I will hopefully do better next time.

To start, I decided to just make some thank you notes. So, there's the original.

Full shot, with the etsy lab on view on my laptop.

Woo hoo! It burned through the screen! I did something right!

Inking the screen.

Um? You can see the inked screen looking correct, and then the printed material on the actual card (on the right)...is backwards. Greeeeeeeat.

So I tried another screen, using hearts (so it wouldn't go backwards this time), but then the second screen got messed up because I'm thinking I didn't hold the machine down long enough after the flash went off...I hope. If it was something else, I have NO clue what I did wrong.

Will definitely keep ya'll updated next time I gocco! (Hopefully I will have better luck next time).


Laura said...

i like the backwards one!
that would seriously make me crack up when i opened it...not a terrible screw up if you ask me!

You are my fave... said...

I want a Gocco printer so bad! But I'm sure it would lead to many mishaps.