25 January 2010

600th Post & a GIVEAWAY: Kirtsy Takes a Bow

I was so excited to see that this book was in existence. And then, I was even more excited to GET the book. And then, as I was about to purchase it on Amazon, I thought, hmmm. You know, I should get two. And give one away!

So, here it is!

So I used Pete's Mac to take a picture of it. I was too lazy to find my camera and upload the images and whatnot. So they're not top dogs. Sorry about that.

Kirtsy is one of my favorite resources. I visit it daily (usually multiple times daily) and am never disappointed with the oodles of material I find. So many of my daily blog reads were originally "found" on Kirtsy. I know I've referenced Kirtsy on my own blog many times.

The book is "a celebration of women's favorites online". And that title cannot be more true. There are chapters about design & crafts, family & parenting, politics, world & business, fashion & style, food & home, arts & entertainment, internet & technology, travel & leisure, and body, mind & spirit, all written by fabulous women who have created fabulous blogs. There are so many great words and thoughts that are present in this book. It's definitely one of the most inspirational books that I own.

So. Leave a comment with your name and email address (or blog address), and tell me what inspires you the most! The giveaway will be open until Friday, January 29th, 10 PM CST. So get yer comments in!

Oh, and happy 600th post to me! I can't belive I've written 600 posts. I'm so happy I've been able to become virtual friends with you all!


Karen said...

Well congrats to you! 600 posts is impressive. And you're still going strong!! (Well, when school doesn't get in the way...)

Travelling inspires me -- seeing new places and being reminded that there are so many different ways of life out there. Even if it's just a day wandering around a nearby city or a drive out through the country!

Heather said...

Yay! Congrats!
Daily life inspires me often, but it's my kiddos that inspire me most!

Laura said...

Congrats! 600?! sheesh. : )

brand.new.supplies. maybe that's a little dorky. but i looove blank notebooks, a new set of markers, pens, pencils, paints. the newness & neatness of it all definitely inspires me. i was one of those kids that was PUMPED for summer to be over & to head back to school. it meant new school supplies! hahaha.

Margaret said...

Dumpster diving inspires me. And thrift stores. I do not have a piece of furniture I spent over thirty dollars on, and somehow it all meshes. The latest is a five foot tall neat metal lamp with a freaky, shiny leopard print lampshade :)

katie said...

Time to my self inspires me. So does new yarn and fresh vegetables.

mh said...

I guess my family inspires me -- especially my family members who are writers, musicians, and super creative and crafty people!

Sarah said...

Many things inspire me but if I had to pick I would say that people watching at cafes and traveling are most inspirational things! Oh and congrats on the 600 posts! I just started being an active blogger and hope to have the dedication to make it to 600 posts :)