06 January 2010

Save the Dates!!

These were SO SO SO easy!

Okay, so to begin. I bought the cards and envelopes from Paper Source and the picture cards from Moo.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Moo. They're the best.

And Paper Source? I ordered the cards (a lot of them) on a Sunday evening and got them Tuesday. With regular shipping. Gotta love it!

I had the picture cards for awhile (since September? October?) and the stationary for a month or two before I finally 1) mustered up the guts to try the machine that I failed at months before, and 2) realized that Megan had to help me while she was here, and she was leaving soon, so...

I didn't take pictures of the gocco process because I hadn't even thought to (honestly) and then once it worked...I was so excited I forgot. So in the future, when I have it up and running again, I'll post a tutorial.

Enough chit chat.

EEEEE! There it is! I keep forgetting how cute it is. Not to brag or anything.

Gocco-ed STD's waiting for Glue Dots and pictures.

If you look carefully at the top of the machine, you can see the image (words) burnt into the screen (which is from Bridgett. Thanks Bridgett!)

Megan didn't really completely comprehend how the words/images were burnt into the screen...I think I get it. But it seems weird.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so it became a wedding color. And I love yellow, grey, and pink together - so...those are them! We put the yellow cards in grey envelopes and sent them off :)

The pictures of Pete and I were super easy to Moo-ify. I scanned them onto my computer, uploaded them to the website, and then sent them off to the printer. Easy peasy.

I told some friends the other day that the picture of me is on the toliet, but I was wrong. I told my mom about it and she said, "oh no, you're wrong. That was a different one." Still nice to know that those pictures exist somewhere, I guess...

I am so so so sorry about how gross the picture itself looks - our apartment has horrible lighting at night. I will take another one tomorrow and post it, since it will look better in natural light.


mh said...

I love the cards, and so does everybody who received them and told me about them! You did a terrific job! And yellow is my favorite color. Glad it's part of the plan. :)

Bridgett said...

moo is awesome! The card is super cute. Sophia and Maeve examined it at length.

Maggie said...

hahahaha, those toilet pictures. I totally remember that ;P

Btw, cutest save the dates I've ever seen. Way to be planning an awesome wedding.