16 March 2009

The Biiiiiig Day

EDIT: The pictures are small and blurry. I tried to make them bigger, but that made them worse...sorry!

[at the altar!!!]

So, the wedding was fine. I'm pretty sad because I realized that I didn't even get a picture with Pete. What's up with that?!? I looked cute, though. Mary looked gorgeous, Steve looked dapper, and my man (Peter) was the best man. He looked nice, too - although while I LOVE the beard on him, it did make him look...a little odd next to his clean-shaven twin.

I don't really have many pictures from the big event. Mostly because when I tried to take pictures, my camera decided it didn't want to cooperate with the dimmed church lighting. KATHLEEN, however, was patient and I think she twiddled around with my crappy digital camera while we were taking the family shots (I was pretty flattered to be invited).

The reception was nice, too (at my old place of work, Moulin!). It was a teensy dessert reception...but really, that's the best part of food anyways, right? I really liked the decor, too - very simple with candles and broken bricks and draped linens. I didn't bring my camera inside so...no documentation there, but here are some pictures!

Pete and Frank

Me and Kathleen!

At the rehearsal

More rehearsal

Said family shot

Another family shot

Dress detail

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Kat said...

haha we look great--when did you take the dress detail shot? silly. love you!