30 March 2009

Boyfriend Guestblog #2: Ukulele

Sorry for my absence in the way of guestblogging. I vow to make a triumphant return with more frequent posts about movies, music, and video games. Today's topic: the ukulele.

Here is how my journey with the ukulele began. I taught myself how to play guitar in high school while my brother was in the musical. I learned all the chords I could and got proficient. However, I soon got frustrated at my inability to play most songs (I to this day cannot read music). I was in search of a simpler instrument with a unique voice to rejuvenate my thirst for playing music.

my ukes!

When I went to Bonnaroo (one of my favorite concert experiences and maybe the subject of a future blog post), I bought a cheap baritone ukulele at a vendor. I fell in love with the instrument. I now also own a tenor and soprano ukulele. I got into the instrument at the same time as the indie rock world. Now, bands all over the place are using the ukulele! Here a few of my favorite uke songs.

Beirut- Elephant Gun

Bishop Allen- Butterfly Nets

Noah and the Whale- Five years Time

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