17 March 2009

Have You Met Liz Lemon?

Oh, she's fantastic. She's also known as Tina Fey. And kind of known as Kaylen Hoffman.

The first time I watched 30 Rock, I wasn't really impressed. The second time (Pete just decided we NEEDED it and he bought the first season), I was blown away. Hilarious. Perfection. The first viewing of the entire season prompted a lot of laughing and giggling. But then...I realized that I AM Liz Lemon.

It's okay. I've made a list so that all you non-30 Rockers can understand a bit better.

1. Liz Lemon is a comedy television show writer. (I want to be a writer!)
2. Liz Lemon has framed pictures of hamburgers hanging in her office. (People make fun of me for taking pictures of food!)
3. Liz Lemon tapes her bra together. (Over the summer Louie chewed up a sports bra. I still wear it when I work out...rare, but it happens)
4. Liz Lemon once wore her bathing suit when she was out of clean clothes. (Guilty)
5. Liz Lemon likes to dance at random times. (I LIKE TO DANCE AT RANDOM TIMES!)

6. Liz Lemon orders a box of 12 doughnuts for herself. Pete, her producer, says, "What are you sad about and/or celebrating?" (When I am happy, I buy fattening food. When I'm sad, I buy fattening food)
7. Liz Lemon hates to work out and has been seen walking on her treadmill verrrry slowly and drinking a glass of wine. (I also hate to work out!)
8. Liz Lemon bought a wedding dress. Because she could, it was on sale, and she didn't care that she didn't have a man. (I've thought about this)
9. Liz Lemon likes cute, little things - like babies, or pandas sneezing. (Sometimes I youtube "cute puppies" and when I saw this video, I SQUEELED.)

10. Liz Lemon is offended when anyone says anything mean or upsetting about her, and she bakes cupcakes and then gets more angry (I try to win people over if I KNOW they don't like me. Or, if that doesn't work, I get awkwardly quiet, or I brood)

There you have it. Pure truth. Me and Liz Lemon are pretty much the SAME PERSON.

And all the stories about me are true. And if you haven't watched 30 Rock, I pretty much guarantee you'll love it.

And now, because I'm awesome and Liz Lemon is also awesome, here is a "Best Of" youtube clip.


laura bee said...

I feel like I read (or I guess watch) myself into her like mad crazy. Seriously though, I feel like we would totally get each other, who really wants to wait till 10:00pm to go out? That is too late!

You are my fave... said...

I love how she wears her swimmingsuit as underwear. Liz Lemon is my ultimate fave.