20 March 2009

Next Week.

Some good stuff to look forward to!

1. Book Review - Atonement, plus another little goodie I completed in a day :D
2. Newest craft project - it involves spray paint. Here's a hint.

3. A small-ish tour of my apartment and ALSO my house (bonus!)
4. Some of my favorite bands and songs, of the moment!
5. Me and Kathleen's adventures throughout St. Louis (and the surrounding areas)!

Be sure to check back, starting Monday! Have a fabulous weekend!


barbi malibu said...

thanks for stopping by, girl!!
im looking foward to the spray paint proyect...mmm...what could it be...??... anyway if it involves spray paint its always fun!
great weekend to you too!

Laura said...

is this your beautiful mirror?! ooo, i'm so excited!