20 March 2009

Etsy Finds: Bicycles!

I like riding my bike. It's not cute or vintage-y looking (sad), but it gets me from A to Z. I enjoy it.

Last summer, before Pete graduated, I taught him how to ride a bike. He and Steve had both learned when they were younger, but they got sick of trying and just...stopped. So, Pete and I went into the parking lot of the Chaifetz Arena and Pete learned on my (then) rusty purple bike.

It was pretty funny. Wish I had taken pictures. He excelled so well that after graduation, he took a big chunk of his money and bought a bike! We took a lot of rides last summer and in the fall, and I think we're both ready to break out the bikes again.

Hence, my bike round-up of etsy goods!

Melamine Bicycle Plate - $15 (comes in ALL different colors)

Lover's Special (any two bicycle shirts from this shop) - $39

10-Speed Bicycle Vinyl Decal - $18

Vital Bicycle Embroidered Jacket - $38

Risque Photo Cameo - $25

My Bike is my Benz button - $1

Lomo Bicycle 8 x 8 - $25

Recycled Bicycle Wheel Clock - $97

Peace, Love and Bike Shirt - $22

Bicycle Pint Glasses (2) - $28

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Megan said...

Oh, I love these all! Bike graphics are so much fun.