20 March 2009

Etsy Finds: Narwhal!

I LOVE narwhals. I had no idea what they were, or that they existed, until...etsy, actually.

So here are some of my faves.

Nina the Narwhal - $40

Narwhal Notecards Set - $10

Paper Boat Wishes Art Print - $20

Pink Narwhal - $12

N is for Narwhal - $10

Unicorn and Narwhal Gocco Print - $14


Laura said...

there was a narwhal on Elf! remember? he says goodbye to Buddy as he's leaving the north pole.

Kaylen said...

You are TOTALLY right! I completely forgot about that - I wonder if I knew then.

Kate said...

I love Narwhals, and just found this! Thank you for making my day! x