26 March 2009

Home Decor: My Place

Okay. These pictures are a hodge-podge, because I didn't really get myself together to do it. And I don't have pictures of my house...YET.

Here are a few to tide you, dear readers, over...I promise there will be more next week. I've been a bit swamped these last few days.

Rainy day views.

Pete and Tim, hanging out in the living area. Sarah, Marcy and I had been hanging out and probably yelling and screaming about something (when all three of us are together, this typically happens). One of the boys said something along the lines of, "There needs to be more testosterone in here!" That boy said that as he and the other one were reading, respectively, Glamour and Nylon. Cool.

Some sweet lateral mirror hangings. Originally inspired from this photo. I have no idea where it came from, sorry!

A little detail:

This picture is worse than I remembered! My yellow elephant and pretty picture frame from this etsy shop

This is how messy my desk looked about three weeks ago. It got worse. I finally cleaned up it on Tuesday. Now you can see the wooden veneer surface!


Megan said...

I love the idea of the horizontal mirrors! Great idea.

Oh, and I tagged you!

Kat said...

I see us. =) Props on the mirror thing too--I think yours looks better than the original ad.

Micaela said...

i looove that lateral mirror idea! love it.