25 March 2009

Craft Project: Spray Paint Bulletin Board

OKAY. Man oh man! This was a fun project. I mean, I've had my trusty IKEA frame since August 2008. I've been using these last few weeks to FINALLY do stuff I've been meaning to do for a long time...it's been a good time :)

So, here's the deal. I blogged about this frame awhile back. I knew I wanted to spray paint it, but I wasn't sure what color. I decided that I didn't want it to be all WHITE, like I had previously said, because let's face it: I'm going to be renting apartments for awhile and they are typically all white walls and I don't want it to blend in. So I decided on a pretty, robin's egg blue:

[um...oops? This is the THIRD spray paint remnant I've left behind in the alley behind my house...]

I still spray-painted the cork white. But I didn't really take pictures of that. It was pretty boring-looking.

The saddest part of ALL? There's nothing to do with it. I'm moving out of Marchetti on May 11 or something like that. There's nowhere to put it up for REAL at home...so I'll have to wait until July, when I move in to the new place!

But it's pretty. And that's the important part!

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