20 March 2009

Making Ice Cream

So sorry - yesterday was full of morning classes, making ice cream at work for FIVE HOURS (not five hours straight), and finishing up Atonement. I just couldn't put it down! But more about that next week, perhaps...

In regards to the ice-cream making...it's spring break at Wilson and I have big chunks of unscheduled time on Tuesdays and Thursdays...meaning that I've worked there from 11-5 both days. Long hours - lots of kids - injuries and crying and what not - but yesterday, the ice-cream making was pretty fun.

We used the Play & Freeze Ice-Cream Maker. You fill one side of the ball with ice and ice-cream salt, and then you flip it over and put cream, sugar, and vanilla (or other flavoring) into the cylinder. THEN (the supposedly "fun" part), you roll the ball back and forth across the floor. We had about 15 kids yesterday, and we put them into two small-ish circles. That worked okay. Then we put them all together, but they got rowdy and the balls (we had two) kept colliding and making these horrible noises. It turned into a big mess. Little girls got their fingers jammed, and one older brother THREW the ball (they're seven pounds when full) at his four-year old sister, creating quiet the screaming/crying fit...but the ice cream turned out pretty good! We had to spin/roll the balls across the floor for probably 40 minutes total, but it worked out pretty well.

I would recommend this ice cream maker. It stayed closed (no leaks!) and it's pretty fun for the kids. I just wish they would have been more mature...we probably could have avoided some serious injuries.

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