03 March 2009

Rooster - 1104 Locust Street

Rooster. Is. Delicious.

I first found Rooster when I was using Sauce Magazine's website (which is a super awesome tool for any St. Louisians out there). It was near my birthday and I wanted to find a place to go downtown for brunch. That's what is great about Sauce Magazine - there are so many different search engines. It's fantastic.

ANYWAYS. Came across Rooster's page. And sure enough, a week later, my family and Pete and I all met there for my 19th birthday. It did not disappoint.

Since then I've been there probably four or five times and tried (really, really hard) to stray from my favorite: The Peanut Butter Cup Crepe. I've also tried the brie crepe (brie and apple? yes please!) and the French Toast. Pete is more of a savory than sweet guy, and he's enjoyed many yummy delicacies, including the Rooster Slinger and B.E.L.T.

Also, the decor of this place is adorable. There are little rooster statuetes and other types of rooster memoribilia everywhere. The walls are brightly painted a yellowish-orangish hue in one room, which always wakes me right up in the morning when I go there for brunch.

Be sure to check it out! It's in a fun and up-and-coming area of downtown. Uma and Salt of the Earth are practically right next door, and the new location of Left Bank Books is right down the street!

Also - I looked for pictures (I KNOW I have them from one time me and Pete went there) but I couldn't find them. Sorry!

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