16 January 2008

Blog Spotlight: Oh Happy Day

This is the first blog that REALLY drew me into the blogging world, so thanks Jordan!!

I'm not really sure how I even found her blog, but I was instantly drawn in by the beautiful pictures, simple blog posts, and the fact that she is from San Francisco. She has such great ideas and a great sense of style (also, she is one of the chief reasons that I now lust after all J.Crew items).

A list of some of the best things that Jordan's blog has introduced me to:
+ 3191: a year of mornings (now a year of evenings)
+ fine little day
+ a new-found appreciation for Anthropologie (now, I actually look around, as opposed to making a straight beeline for the sale section)
+ Etsy
+ Martha Stewart (do any other young people get slack for enjoying her projects/ideas/recipes? My friends are CONSTANTLY making fun of me!)

And that isn't all, by any means...there's tons more. But regardless, Jordan, thank you so much for putting time into your beautiful blog; it definitely inspired me to start one of my own.