14 January 2008

Polyphonic Spree

I've been an avid follower of the Spree for some time now, and after three years of being obsessed (in a healthy way, of course) with them, I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY saw them in concert this past August [here's some fun pictures]

[these are my favorite shots. The white, blue, and red heart paper cut-out that's hanging on the mic stand was given to Tim, the main guy, by someone in the crowd...and it makes an appearance in the video!]

It was amazing, it was majestic, it changed my life. I know that sounds corny, but that show changed my perspective on things- for weeks after that, whenever I was sad I would just think of standing at the concert, jumping up and down and grinning. I listened to the Spree as soon as I woke up every morning for a couple of weeks after that, just to start my day off positively.

All in all, they are amazing. Go see them if you can, because they won't disappoint you. But the reason that I am making this post is because my morning visit to Pitchfork threw this into my hands- a homemade video of the Spree's song "We Crawl". Dante Harper, indie director extraordinare, gave video cameras to all 23 members of the band, and all the footage was sent back to Harper, who beautifully edited it all together to create this majestic video. The ending piece shows all the members of the band at home, at their other jobs [?], with their friends, and hanging out on the highway...and it's gorgeous. I can't listen to a song by the Spree without getting this giddy feeling in my whole body- and it did just that.

If that video isn't enough to persuade you to listen to this fantastic band, check this out. Like Scrubs? Good. Then you'll like this.

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